Anyone who has pays any attention to Dodge performance vehicles is no doubt familiar with the American Club Racer (ACR) package. ACR models are typically a standard production car that has been put on a diet and packed with goodies to help it attack the corners. Over the past decade the ACR treatment has been applied to several Dodge models, most notably the Viper, and at SEMA 2011 we got our first look at the Challenger ACR.

The Challenger SRT8 ACR’s diet started with the removal of all of the seats. The front buckets were replaced with a set of lightweight adjustable Sparco race seats and the rears were replaced with a roll bar/chassis brace. The stock door panels and center console were also unceremoniously tossed in favor of carbon fiber units. The MOPAR maniacs didn’t go full on race car inside, they did see fit to leave the power windows, locks, and mirrors in place. The liberal application of carbon fiber did not stop with the interior. The exterior is sporting a carbon fiber hood, trunk, rear spoiler and taillight surrounds. The stock exterior panels still in place were hit with a coat of white paint with touches of red on the brake calipers and mirrors to match a full length red stripe.

The stock 392 Hemi was only lightly upgraded with a MOPAR cold air intake and cat back exhaust system. A set of Goodyear F1 Supercar performance tires were wrapped around black painted five-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels to help apply a very respectable 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. The springs and struts were replaced with MOPAR coil overs and front and rear strut tower braces were bolted on.

To the great disappointment of many a MOPAR fan, Dodge insists that the Challanger ACR is only a “design study” and that they have no plans to produce it. But there is good news for those who feel their life would be incomplete without one in their garage. All of the parts needed to build your own Challenger ACR replica are readily available through the MOPAR performance parts catalog or the aftermarket. Below is a list of the MOPAR parts to help get you started.

Mopar performance parts and accessories on the Dodge Challenger ACR include:

Coil-over suspension: P5155942
Front-strut tower brace: P5155950
Front-strut tower brace caps: P5155763
Rear-strut tower brace: P5155751
Rear-strut tower brace close out panels: 68095921AA
Short-throw shifter: P5155458
Cat-back exhaust: P5155957
Front-strut tower brace: P5155950
Drag Pack center stack: P5155250
I/P and shift bezel kit- carbon weave design: 82211876
Door sill entry guards: 82211234
Mopar fuel door: 82212406